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Note: the term TCM in an article title refers to "traditional Chinese medicine."

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Acupuncture Channels  Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Can Qi and Western Medicine Coexist?
Quality and Safety of TCM Herbal Medicinals From Grower to You: Safe Chinese Herbs  Chinese Herbal Medicinals: Value Pricing 
The Use of Concentrated Herbal Extracts in TCM Pixu - The Meaning & Role of the Spleen in TCM 
Technical Terminology in Traditional Chinese Medicine
History of TCM and Infertility Chinese Medicinal Aphrodisiacs  Treatment of Diabetes with TCM
TCM Cold and Flu Remedies  Foods for the Fall Season
Metabolism: The TCM View 
TCM Herbal Formulas for Treatment of Miscarriage
Low Testosterone / Male Andropause
Brief Comparison of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine Approaches
Pathomechanisms in TCM
Effect of Acupuncture Needle Manipulation on Connective Tissue Matrix Hypertension and Hypercholesteremia 
What Color is Your Poop?  The TCM View of the GI Tract and the Bowels Sticky Business: Mucus and Phlegm
Ten Foods to Strengthen Immunity
Is Your Liver Depressed? Are You Hot and Damp? Souped-up Chicken Soup for Health
Your HealthPoint Herbs are Tax Deductible
Assessing the Patient's TongueDiet and Longevity According to Sun Simiao
Is it Anemia or Blood Vacuity?  Time to Clean Your Liver! 
Awareness and Choice: Keys to Good Health
Tips for Avoiding and Treating the Common Cold 
Are You Hot and Damp?
Acupuncture - An Alternative to Opioids for Pain 
Acupuncture Reduces Relapse to Cocaine-Seeking Behavior   

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