Chinese herbal medicine, the HealthPoint acupuncturist combines therapeutic Chinese herbs and prescribes them in a balanced, synergistic formula to address your specific health needs. In this way each herb balances the effects of the others and the likelihood of pathogens developing resistance to single herbs is minimized. These unique formula combinations, which have been thoroughly studied and well-documented for thousands of years, produce consistently positive outcomes free from side effects when properly prescribed by a trained practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
 herbs, organic, natural, chinese herbs, HealthPoint bloomington Chinese herbal formulas are often gentler than Western pharmaceuticals. They not only work to relieve symptoms, but also to help balance your body and return you to health. Once the desired effect is achieved, long-term use of herbs is usually unnecessary.

It is important to obtain Oriental medicine services from fully trained, certified, and competent practitioners. Chinese herbal formulas require accurate TCM pattern diagnosis and the development of a sound TCM treatment plan. A formula wrongly prescribed to someone whose pattern the formula was not meant to treat can produce ineffectual or even unwanted results. HealthPoint practitioners are trained in all aspects of Chinese herbal medicine, and you can be assured that herbs will be prescribed safely and only when necessary. With your permission, HealthPoint practitioners will communicate and work with your prescribing Western physician regarding any current medications.

HealthPoint uses only the highest quality traditional Chinese herbal medicinals and formulas. Safety, efficacy, and reliability are our primary concerns.
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HealthPoint uses only the highest quality herbal medicinals. Our standardized, high potency herbal formulas deliver more of the active ingredients faster, thereby providing better clinical effect and better value for the patient. HealthPoint’s suppliers comply fully with Good Manufacturing Process methods and/or the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention (PIC). GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations promulgated by the US Food and Drug Administration to ensure that certain products are safe, pure, and effective. PIC is a cooperative agreement between EU nation health authorities by which they share information on GMP methods and practices. For example, we use only herbal products that are independently and/or laboratory tested in order to eliminate any impurities or adulterants. Our suppliers import only from established and respected Chinese manufacturers. You can feel confident about the quality, freshness, purity, and safety of our medicinal herbs.

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbal formulas are regulated under the United States Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. These statements on the website, while provided in good faith, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Herbal products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Traditional Chinese medicine diagnoses and treats according to patterns of disharmony, which is a different diagnostic and treatment methodology than according to specific disease categories.

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