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Traditional Chinese Medicine
or 'TCM' is an inherently logical, widely practiced system of medicine that includes both diagnostic and treatment components … (more)

Our Core Service Offerings Include ...
  • Acupuncture uses extremely fine and completely sterile FDA-regulated needles to help nurture you back to health by helping resolve energy imbalances and balancing the flow of qi in your body … (more)
  • Chinese herbal medicine. HealthPoint has one of the largest, most complete TCM compounding pharmacies in the region from which our licensed, board-certified acupuncturists prescribe safe, balanced, synergistic formula to address your specific health needs … (more)
  • Cupping involves the application of negative-pressure suction via globe-shaped glass cups to the skin in order to resolve stagnation, move qi, and/or to draw out pathogens and/or toxins. It is great for muscle aches, common cold conditions, and certain skin conditions ... (more)
  • TCM dietary therapy considers foods for their five flavors, five energies, their therapeutic actions (e.g., to lubricate dryness, soften hardness, or nourish blood), and organ tropisms (i.e., the specific internal organs on which certain foods can act) ... (more)

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