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HealthPoint Practitioners Prescribe Chinese Herbal Formulas with an Emphasis on Efficacy and Safety.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a long history of both efficacy and safety. This record is just as true for Chinese herbal medicine as it is for acupuncture. But it's vital that you work with a practitioner who is fully versed in TCM pattern diagnosis and for whom the adage "first do no harm" is paramount.

The production facilities of our primary suppliers of prepared traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbal formulas maintain third party certification for compliance with the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). Most maintain FDA cGMP compliance certification from NSF International, a U.S. based, independent, non-profit, product and facility compliance auditing company.

This means that you can be sure that the herbal formulas we use are manufactured with the highest possible standards at every step of the way, from the purchase and storage of raw materials to the final handling of finished products at suppliers' warehouses. It also means you can be sure that HealthPoint is always focused on the safety and well being of our patients and clients. Our suppliers strictly adhere to the following procedures with every batch of every formula they manufacture.

Using the correct species from the authentic growing region is essential in herbal medicine. A certified Quality Assurance expert verifies the quantity and correct identity of each herb in every formula. Traditional organoleptic assessment is combined with thin Layer Chromatography to ensure that all raw materials conform to strict standards specified in the official Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

The formulas we use are made with precise specifications to maximize potency while preserving traditional preparation methods. Extracts replicate the traditional Chinese decoction process, and list clearly-stated concentration ratios provide transparency for accurate dosage calculation.

For our extract granules, every batch is tested twice to ensure the absence of pesticide residues, microbiological contaminants, and heavy metals. The first round of tests is completed at a fully-equipped manufacturing facility; the second round of tests is performed at an independent, third-party laboratory. Our supplier uses the most extensive third-party lab testing in the industry and all test results meet or exceed the standards of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia.

Encapsulation, bottling and labeling are done at finished products facilities that are also certified as meeting all FDA cGMP requirements by NSF international.

Finished formulas are shipped tamper resistant to our supplier’s warehouses, from which they are shipped to HealthPoint.

All pertinent product information is disclosed on product labels; showing the amount of each ingredient, the concentration ratio, and all potential allergens. The formulas we sell contain no chemicals, pharmaceuticals, sugars, or dyes. Many now utilize vegetable-based capsules and binders instead of animal-based versions.

With independent certification that our suppliers' factories are  FDA compliant, safety is much less a concern. This certification plus the testing procedures outlined above provide assurance that the TCM herbal formulas we use are safe and effective. We are committed to excellence and to your safety. Everything we do and have done is proof of that commitment.

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