Renshen (Chinese ginseng root)
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

From Grower to You: HealthPoint's Assurance of ...
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Plants, minerals and animal substances have been used to treat health conditions as part of the traditional medical approaches in China for thousands of years. For example, many of the clinical medicinal formulas used in the contemporary practice of modern professional traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) were initially developed by Zhang Zhong-jing (张仲景) (150 – 219 C.E.; formal name Zhang Ji - 张机). Zhang was one of the most eminent Chinese physicians during the later years of the Han Dynasty. Another eminent TCM physician-scholar was Li Shi-zhen, born in 1518 C.E. during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 C.E.). Both men, along with many other physicians throughout the long history of China, contributed to the study, development, testing, and dissemination of myriad TCM herbal formulas, a good many of which remain in use today. The safety and efficacy of Chinese herbal formulas reflect the exceptionally long clinical use (thousands of years) across an extremely large patient population - initially all of Asia and, eventually, throughout the world!

But even this ancient approach requires constant updating. Today we know much more about the chemical constituents of herbal substances, and the methods and technologies for growing, harvesting, and manufacturing have all evolved considerably. At HealthPoint, we are absolutely committed to doing all we can to ensure that we obtain our product from only the most reputable manufacturers and distributors, and we use formulas only where clinically appropriate, weighing the risks and benefits with the patient. 

  1. We purchase our product only from U.S. distributors with a very long history of serving the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) profession. Each of these well-established companies has existed for about thirty years. They distribute to nearly every state in the U.S. as well as to other countries. Their records of safety and integrity are sound. Most limit the distribution of their TCM medicinal herbs and herbal formulas only to licensed TCM professionals because they recognize that, like any medicine, herbal medicinals have the potential to both improve health or to worsen a patient's condition. As with any prescribing process, the outcome is dependent on a properly trained professional who prescribes according to the correct pattern diagnosis.

  2. Our suppliers source their product from growers and/or facilities in China that meet or exceed the current strictest regulatory standards for Chinese herbs. Our suppliers adhere to NSF and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1944, NSF International is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, widely recognized for its scientific and technical expertise in the health and environmental sciences. It focuses on standards development, product certification, education, risk-management, public health and safety, and the environment. NSF develops national standards, provides learning opportunities, and provides third-party conformity assessment services. Its professional staff includes engineers, chemists, toxicologists, and environmental health professionals with broad experience both in public and private organizations. NSF has earned the Collaborating Center designations by the World Health Organization (WHO) for Food and Water Safety and Indoor Environment. Our suppliers make their NSF certifications and their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificates available to the public.

  3. We obtain the highest grade Chinese medicinal herbs available. Whenever possible, we purchase our bulk dispensed herbs (sometimes referred to as "raw" herbs) from organic growers in China. Where organic is not currently available, we purchase premium grade herbs. Organic and premium are the top two grades available. These grades cost us a bit more to acquire, but we are absolutely committed to doing everything we can to provide you with the safest, most efficacious product.

  4. The compounding and prescribing of Chinese herbal medicinal formulas is an essential treatment modality within traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is only one modality of traditional Chinese medicine and, although it can influence the zang fu (internal viscera and bowels/internal organs), it primarily focuses on "exterior syndromes. Like acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine is a key treatment modality of TCM, but one that is central to most treatment plans for complicated and/or chronic illnesses. It has a very long and extremely well documented history (by "extremely long," we mean thousands of years). While the distribution and testing model for Chinese herbs evolved differently than the approach used in the West, keep in mind that these herbal medicinals have been used with good effect on millions of people over thousands of years. Herbs are almost always prescribed in balanced formulas. Some of the oldest and most commonly prescribed are often referred to as "classical formulas."

  5. We are committed to your health and to doing no harm. Currently, there are 11,146 herbs listed in the TCM materia medica. As professional practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, when we recommend or prescribe Chinese herbal medicinals or ask you to consider their use as part of your treatment plan (and we do not do so for everyone or for every condition), we believe our recommendation will help you to feel better more quickly and to stay healthier longer. At the same time, we strongly believe that Chinese herbal medicinals are just that: medicines. As such, they should not be used carelessly or by everyone. Chinese herbals should be prescribed on the basis of an individual patient's pattern diagnosis. Only a board certified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner is trained and qualified to make a TCM pattern diagnosis. This is why the Chinese medicinals that we prescribe at HealthPoint may only be prescribed by board certified, licensed acupuncturists. There are "Chinese herbs" available through the internet and even from local retail outlets. However, we would strongly advise that you not risk your health or the health of your family on these. The quality of the product, the low potency, the standards of the manufacturing process, the possibility of heavy metal contaminants or other adulterants, the question as to whether the listed ingredients are, in fact, what are stated on the label - all of these risks should cause you to think very seriously about using such products. Seek qualified assistance.
It might also interest you to know that in Asia, especially in Taiwan and Japan, TCM powdered extracts (i.e., standardized extracts of the harvested raw herbs - one of the three means of administration that we use at HealthPoint) - are classified and regulated as pharmaceuticals.

Click here to learn about how the herbs we use move from the various harvesting regions in China to our shelves at HealthPoint. We hope that the information provided here gives you total confidence in our approach to Chinese herbal formulas.

We are always happy to address any questions about traditional Chinese medicine. Please write to info@healthpointclinic.org, or call us at 952-767-4910.

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