Men's Health: A New Approach Using Ancient Medicine
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Some guys stay physically active by running, biking, or doing yoga. For others, pick-up basket-ball or a hockey league is their thing. Maybe a day in the field hunting with your dogs is your thing. Other guys don’t need to look for exercise; the demands of their daily work are plenty physical. Some men may need to fine-tune their nutrition. Still others might benefit from simple stress-reduction treatments and/or techniques.

Men are no more immune to health issues than women. But let's face it: attention to health care is not top-of-mind for most men. And while we strongly encourage men to get regular check-ups at a primary care clinic, HealthPoint can play a valuable role in supporting a man's optimal health.  HealthPoint offers low-cost, effective, and exceptionally safe traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approaches to routine health concerns (e.g., aches and pains, common cold symptoms, etc.), as well as for more complex health issues such as those listed below. 

At HealthPoint, we work with men on a whole variety of health issues specific to them. These range from the effects of job stress and the nicks-and-dings of a physically active lifestyle, to the aches and pains associated with, as they say, “getting on in life.”

More specifically, we can help with:

Male infertility    Muscle aches
Elevated blood sugar / diabetes
Erectile dysfunction or sexual performance  Neck, back, and shoulder pain
 High cholesterol
Prostate issues  Sports injuries 
 Insomnia / sleep issues
Testosterone / hormonal changes   Repetitive motion injuries
 Nutritional recommendations
 Fatigue and stamina issues Other soft-tissue & musculoskeltal pain
 Stress management

We have successfully treated men in all of these areas (and more). The services we offer are effective, extremely safe, produce few, if any, side effects, and have withstood the test of time.
We take our work seriously. We listen carefully and we pursue answers and results. We have worked with pro athletes to laborers to business professionals. And if we don’t think we can help we let you know that up front. When necessary, we refer out to a biomedical physician or other competent health care provider.
So invest in yourself. You’ve got a lot of living to do.
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