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"I highly recommend HealthPoint as a provider of quality Oriental Medicine." ~ Sheryl M. (HealthPoint Patient)

At HealthPoint, we do not see you as a ‘disease,’ but as a person wanting to be whole again. We take the time necessary to understand your condition and needs. While we can and do treat illness, pain and discomfort, we also provide you with simple information and skills to make better health choices. We are trained in and practice traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the professional standard traditional medicine of China. TCM treats a wide variety of acute and chronic illnesses and is suitable for individuals of all ages, including pregnant women and children. And because we view Western medicine and TCM as complementary, we communicate closely with your other health care practitioners at your request.

Competency matters. While other health professionals may use acupuncture in their practices, only nationally certified acupuncturists have completed four years of training in the traditional Chinese medical theory under which acupuncture was developed. All HealthPoint acupuncturists are nationally board certified (NCCAOM) and licensed by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice with the licensing designation, L.Ac.

CM is very much a problem-solving approach to diagnosis and treatment of pain and disease. Our acupuncturists begin with the assumption that no two patients are the same, even if they present with the same labeled diagnosis. This is a distinguishing feature and the very essence of traditional Chinese medicine.

The Chinese say, "bian zheng lun zhi" (辩证论市), which means basing treatment primarily on a discrimination of patterns. HealthPoint acupuncturists take the disease (bing – 炳) into account, but emphasize each patient's individual pattern (zheng - 正). This, in turn, means that your acupuncturist develops a treatment plan specific to your needs.

HealthPoint has one of the most complete and diverse traditional Chinese herbal medicine pharmacies in the Twin Cities. We stock therapeutic Chinese herbs and herbal formulas in a wide variety of dosing formats, including bulk herbs, powdered granules, capsules, tablets and tinctures. Our herbal products are purchased from only the most reputable companies who adhere to good manufacturing process (GMP) standards and who batch test their herbs at independent FDA laboratories. Our board certified practitioners are always available to answer your questions about efficacy and safety.

When you come to HealthPoint, you receive your practitioner’s full time and undivided attention to fully discuss your health care concerns and needs. Our role is to guide, encourage, and assist you through your healing process and with your wellness goals. And because HealthPoint is a professional group practice, you have access to the combined training, knowledge, and experience of several practitioners across multiple health disciplines.

We promise to always be available to discuss your questions and concerns.

All of this in a space that is clean, comfortable, and welcoming.

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