Acupuncture Treatment for Pain Conditions

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Many people think of acupuncture as exclusively for the treatment of pain conditions. While acupuncture, and especially Chinese herbal medicine, treat a whole array of illness and disease, acupuncture is very effective for a wide range of pain conditions. These include:

Neck pain
 Shoulder / rotator cuff pain
Muscle pain / myalgia (including fibromyalgia)
Back pain / low back pain
Joint pain & arthritis (osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc.)
Headache and migraine pain
acupuncture, healthpoint, bloomington mn
acupuncture, healthpoint, bloomington mn 
Limb / extremity pain
Facial pain and trigeminal neuralgia
Neuropathy, neuralgia, neuritis
Carpal tunnel pain
 Plantar fasciitis Limb / extremity pain... and much more!

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