Assisting Successful Pregnancy

Oriental medicine frequently achieves effective results in assisting with successful pregnancy. Treatments focus on supporting your body's qi (energy) flow, immune function, and blood nourishment.

Chinese Medicine Pregnancy Support-HealthPoint-Bloomington MN
Oriental medicine treatments offer natural, safe, and cost-effective support for your body during pregnancy.

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Chinese Medicine Pregnancy Support-HealthPoint-Bloomington MN

Pregnancy Acupuncture services at HealthPoint can help to
  • Induce labor during prolonged pregnancy.

  • For a malpositioned fetus, specialized treatment techniques can encourage baby to turn, thereby supporting a normal birth.

  • For normal, uncomplicated pregnancies, treatments contribute to mom's general health and well-being, again supporting normal delivery of a healthy newborn.

  • In cases of insufficient lactation - either due to non-production of milk or inability to express milk, acupuncture can help regulate lactation.
Your licensed acupuncturist at HealthPoint provides treatments that safely and naturally complement primary obstetrical care. Mom and baby's safety is always paramount; no acu-points are used on or near the abdomen or low back during pregnancy.

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