Insurance Coverage

HealthPoint accepts and/or is an in-network participating provider for HealthPartners, Medica, Cigna, PreferredOne, UCare, Aetna. Members enrolled with these health plans can generally be seen at HealthPoint without the need for prior authorization (please note that this can vary by individual policy).  If you don't see your insurance listed here you may nonetheless have acupuncture coverage at HealthPoint. Please call us at 952-767-4910. We can help you determine whether our services would be covered by your insurance.

HealthPoint staff verify coverage with your health plan prior to initiating treatment and we handle all paper work related to the care you receive at our clinic. We have years of experience as well as expertise in matters of health insurance; please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.


Acupuncture coverage for seniors and other Medicare eligible individuals is often available through Medicare products administered by local health plans. Check with us! We can assist in determining Medicare coverage eligibility. And we handle the paper-work.

United HealthCare Coverage

Your United HealthCare policy may include an acupuncture benefit (we can assist in finding out if you don't know) and HealthPoint provides services to UHG members whose policy covers acupuncture.

(If you have Medicaid, Medicare or other government programs coverage that is managed by United HealthCare - commonly called United HealthCare Community Plans but may be labeled differently in different states - you must obtain prior authorization before receiving acupuncture outside of your primary care clinic. Call your primary care clinic and request that your primary care physician fax a referral to HealthPoint at 952-851-9618. The referral must specifically state treatment for acupuncture from HealthPoint, the diagnosis, the number of sessions ordered, and the start and end dates for treatment. Be sure your primary clinic faxes the referral to us before your initial session at HealthPoint. Call us if you have questions.)

Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts

Acupuncture at HealthPoint is a qualified health service for health savings accounts (HSAs). You can use tax-free dollars to cover the cost of your copayments as well as the portion of your charge that your health plan does not pay while you are satisfying your annual deductible.  If you do not have health insurance or your health insurance policy does not have an acupuncture benefit, you can use tax-free HSA dollars to cover the charges. If you participate in a flex spending program, your flex spending account dollars may cover the cost of herbal formulas (depending on the program). We can help you with the details.

Worker's Comp and Auto Insurance
HealthPoint is a provider under Minnesota workers compensation. In addition, a number of health plans and auto insurers now cover acupuncture for injury and/or pain syndromes and other health conditions.
Important Reminders

Please have your insurance card and/or coverage information at hand when you contact us, or bring it to your first appointment. In the rare instances where a referral or prior authorization is necessary for acupuncture at HealthPoint, obtaining either from your physician or primary clinic is your responsibility. While HealthPoint routinely verifies coverage with your health plan or carrier, it is each patient's responsibility to know the specifics of their insurance coverage. Your coverage may require that you satisfy an annual deductible before your benefits begin to apply. Any copayment or coinsurance amount for which you are responsible is due at the time of service.

Your health plan or insurance carrier makes final payment determination at the time a claim is actually processed. This is based on your specific policy and whether services are medically necessary.
  Medical necessity includes the process and criteria by which a health plan determines whether it will reimburse a health care provider for services rendered to a health plan member. The specifics of these health plan criteria and policies vary from health plan to health plan and they are proprietary (i.e., they are not made public). Even when we (or a health plan member) are informed by a health plan that a member has coverage for acupuncture, this does not guarantee that the services rendered will be paid for of that HealthPoint will be reimbursed. While we do our best to predict whether a particular health concern / condition is eligible for reimbursement, health plan proprietary criteria make it impossible to know with absolute certainty. Therefore, if claim payment is denied subsequent to health care services being provided by HealthPoint, except in any instance where the denial might be due to HealthPoint's failure or error in its claims submission process (in which case HealthPoint will incur the cost), the member is responsible for the balance due, less any copayment or coinsurance the member may already have paid.

Self-Pay Rates
Consultation Services  Charges 
     Patient consult only
     Chinese herbal medicine consult
$50.00 (plus price of herbs or formulas, which vary by product, quantity, etc.)
Treatment Services  Treatment Charges
     Acupuncture New patient (includes one-time clinical evaluation charge)
     Acupuncture Established patient
     Cupping, flash, fixed or sliding$60.00 
     Acupuncture with electrical stimulation
Gift certificates are available!  
Important Information:
  1. HEALTH INSURANCE: Health insurance covers acupuncture only (and the initial consult under certain insurance plans). Each non-covered service received in conjunction with acupuncture at the same appointment will each be subject to an additional charge of $10.00 (in addition to any copayment or coinsurance amount). Otherwise, non-covered services are charged at their respective private-pay rates listed above.
  2. AUTO INSURANCE COVERAGE: Auto insurance, depending upon the policy, may cover acupuncture as well as tui na. Patients pay HealthPoint directly at the time of service; we then bill your carrier on your behalf. Any reimbursement is made directly to you.
  3. Pricing shown includes all applicable taxes. Payment for each session (as well as any existing balance) is due at the time of service.
  4. Reduced pricing applies for most TCM treatment services beyond the 10th treatment per individual during a calendar year (self-pay only; excludes consults, herbal medicinals & formulas; may not be combined with insurance or other discounts, packages, special offers, or reduced pricing). Certain other limitations may apply. Details available from HealthPoint.
  5. HealthPoint accepts most major credit and debit cards, health-benefit cards, as well as personal checks and cash.
  6. While efforts are made to keep our website pricing current, pricing is subject to change from time-to-time without notice.

HealthPoint treats all payment and medical information as strictly confidential and maintains a secure information environment.

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