Chinese Herbal Formulas are Tax Deductible
 [IMAGE] Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbal formulas are regulated under the United States Dietary Supplement Health And Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).

The IRS states that nutritional supplements, vitamins and herbal supplements are not considered a medical expense unless they have been prescribed or sanctioned by a licensed medical/health practitioner as treatment for a specific medical condition which they have diagnosed.

As such, TCM herbal formulas that are prescribed to you by a licensed health care professional (e.g., a licensed acupuncturist at HealthPoint) are tax deductible. However, herbal supplements of any sort that you self-prescribe or purchase from a non-licensed individual (e.g., at a retail health food/supplement store or on the internet) are not tax deductible.
Know and Appreciate the Importance of Chinese Herbal Formulas from Your Acupuncturist

By the way, it is VERY important that you obtain TCM herbal medicinals from a licensed acupuncturist.  Why?  There are several reasons:
  1. Recently, the office of the New York Attorney General took action against some large, well-known corporations, including GNC, Walgreens, and Target, after tests conducted on nutritional supplements sold by those companies found that 4 out of 5 products contained NONE of the herbs listed on their labels.

  2. HealthPoint prescribes and sells only pharmaceutical grade TCM herbal formulas that have been thoroughly tested and for which certificates of laboratory analysis and authenticity are available (I have viewed many of these).

  3. Licensed acupuncturists are trained to diagnose TCM patterns of illness and to treat them from among (or combining) various TCM therapeutic treatment methods, including prescribing TCM herbal formulas specific to the diagnosed pattern or patterns of illness. Moreover, by working with a licensed acupuncturist your formula can be continually modified as your pattern changes during your course of illness or course of treatment. 

So remember:  It is important that consumers purchase their TCM herbal medicinals and formulas from licensed healthcare providers such as HealthPoint. The recent action by the New York Attorney General’s office underscores this point.

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