Treatment of Infertility

Chinese Medicine Fertility Services at HealthPoint Oriental Med.
Fertility treatments at HealthPoint can include sessions for individuals or couples. Our gentle approach safely and effectively encourages healthy fertility.

We have worked with many patients and couples to help them achieve successful outcomes of conception and healthy pregnancy.



Treatment of Infertility at HealthPoint Oriental Medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a well-documented history of successfully treating infertility (learn more).  As recent studies have shown, TCM treatment can be highly effective to support healthy male or female fertility, thereby assisting efforts at conception.

Treatment for infertility at HealthPoint includes three fundamental components:
  1. Help balance your body's hormonal activity; the board certified HealthPoint acupuncturist works with you to encourage and allow conception, not force it.

  2. Evaluate and make recommendations regarding balanced, sound nutrition; it is vital that your body be properly nourished to support restoration of hormonal balance and to provide the basis by which your body can support conception and carry a pregnancy to term.

  3. Identify and address uncomplicated tension, anxiety, and/or mild depression that may interfere or prevent normal conception. *
Acupuncture and IVF
In vitro fertilization can be a stressful and expensive procedure with pregnancy success rates rarely reaching 40% per cycle. But a meta-analysis of seven randomized trials published in the British Medical Journal (2008) found that acupuncture was associated with higher rates of pregnancy. When comparing acupuncture performed on the day of embryo transfer to either sham acupuncture or no acupuncture treatment on 1,366 women in four Western countries, acupuncture was associated with significantly improved clinical pregnancy rates (odds ratio, 1.65), with a number needed to treat (NNT) of 10. Similarly, acupuncture was associated with higher rates of ongoing pregnancy (OR, 1.87; NNT, 9) and live birth (OR, 1.91; NNT, 9) in the studies that evaluated these outcomes. No adverse effects of acupuncture were identified in the two trials that reported this outcome.
Chinese Herbal Medicine and IVF
Our fertility patients vary in their desire as to whether to incorporate herbal medicine into their fertility care plan. From our perspective, the utility of TCM herbal formulas for fertility depends upon several factors. One factor is the patient's presenting health status. For example, a patient may be in otherwise robust health and is simply seeking assistance in managing some of the anxiety that sometimes comes along with trying to get pregnant. On the other hand, she may have an underlying health issue such as irregular menstruation, polycystic ovarian syndrome or other condition. In such cases, we must determine the correct traditional Chinese medicine pattern disharmony associated with her specific underlying health issue and develop an appropriate TCM treatment plan. Where one or more underlying internal medicine issues exist, Chinese herbal formulas are definitely considered the standard of care. However, we must take into account what, if any, Western pharmaceutical medications a woman might currently be taking, regardless of whether these are specific to her fertility or for a concurrent health condition. In some cases it may be no problem to combine TCM herbal formulas and Western medicines. But even here, we are very likely to recommend that the patient check with her Western physician or at least inform their doctor. In other cases we may advise against adding TCM formulas. In all instances, we follow each patient's expressed treatment plan preferences once we have explained available options to her. We believe strongly that a woman should be the final decision-maker regarding her health care. Our job is to provide information and care based on our TCM expertise.
Affordable Fertility Support

HealthPoint offers special discounted pricing for either of two pre-payment fertility package options. Particularly if you have already incurred (or are presently incurring) the rather significant expense of Western medicine fertility treatments, these packages can be helpful to your budget. Call to inquire!

We are happy to address all of your questions!
Please call us at 952-767-4910. You can be assured of absolute respect of your privacy and confidentiality. At the same time, we are happy to coordinate care and/or communicate with your Western primary care physician or infertility specialist at your request.

* Training of licensed acupuncturists does not typically include professional training or certification in behavioral health or psychiatry. Where we think it may be helpful to your efforts toward conception, we may suggest evaluation by a qualified behavioral health specialist.

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